Master's thesis Tesis de doctorado
My master thesis was entittled "The heatting efficiency of the material reinserted by stellar winds and supernovae in super stellar clusters" and was supervised by Dr. Sergiy Silich, Dr. Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle and Dr. Casiana Muñoz-Tuñón.

In this work I found that for 10 super stellar clusters in the M82 galaxy (Melo et al., 2005) it is only the 10% of the mechanical energy deposited inside the clusters is is used to build up the stellar cluster wind. As well I found a possible tendency that the more compact a cluster is the less powered their wind would be due to greater energy looses in the form of radiation. These results were obtained applying the high pressure confined wind model (Silich et al., 2007) to a sample of clusters associated to compact H II regions in the center of M82. These results were published in The Astrophysical Journal on the article "On the heating effciency derived from observations of young super star clusters in M82".

My thesis supervisors are Dr. Daniel Rosa-González, Dr. Elena Terlevich and Dr. Angeles Díaz (UAM). I am recovering maps of the star formation history of H II galaxies. This type of galaxies are characterized by having an intense starburst with a very simple chemistry. It is believed that the properties of these star forming regions are very similar to the onces found in the first formed galaxies in the Universe.

To study of these galaxies star forming process I am analysing optical and near infrared images (U,B,R,I,J,H,Ks Ha y [OIII]) taken with the SOI and SPARTAN cameras at the 4 meter SOAR telescope. I use stellar population models to create age, mass and extinction maps of the stellar populations distributed in the galaxy. As well, I analyse characterize the bright stellar cluster complexes and H II regions in these galaxies. Although this is a work in process and no final results have been achieved, I have shown the proyect advances in a few national and international conferences.

On the heating efficiency derived from observations of super stellar clusters in M82 Star formation in H II galaxies (X Reunión Científica de la Sociedad Española de Astronomía)
Master's thesis (.pdf) Ha and [OIII] emission line maps of Mrk 1318 and Tol 1358-328. Characterising the star formation in HII galaxies