The following are some of the small astronomy outreach projects I have developed. None of these could had been created without the help and advise from incredibly creative and enthusiastic people. I am deeply thankful to all the people involved in them and I am optimistic about more people wanting to join this quest for fun and knowledge through astronomy.
Playing and coloring the Universe
"Playing and coloring the Universe" is a coloring/activity book for elementary school kids (or older people) to color and play with drawing of astronomical objects. I developed this project searching to arise the curiosity of kids towards astronomy, indistinctly if they already have or have not a liking for astronomy. Therefore the book can be enjoyed by any person who likes to color, join the dots or solve labyrinths, without any need for previous astronomy knowledge.
The complete book contains 28 activities divided into 4 sections, the solutions to the activities and 4 sheets of stamps. At the back page of every activity I have written a small text introducing a bit of information about the astronomical object of the activity. Among the astronomy concepts you will find concepts as: constellation, stellar cluster, barred galaxy, black hole, nebula, etc. You can find the book divided in 4 volumes.
If you are interested in the book please send me an email to . The first section of the book (volume 1) can be downloaded for free in case of personal (or classroom) use, just click the image above to download. I would love to know about your experience using the "Playing and coloring the Universe" book and be grateful for your comments.
Rocky planets Top
"Rocky planets" ("Planetas rocosos" in Spanish) is a children's song that aims to get the attention of kids towards the planets of the Solar System. This song was a project done in collaboration with great scientists, engineers and artists: M.S.c. Félix E. Guerrero and PhD. Alfredo Montaña.
We wrote the song with the intention to provide concepts of the planets of the Solar System in a fun way. The lyrics talks about the argument between members of an extraterrestrial family that is planning to make a trip to the Solar System. The music is very lively and invites to jump and dance while listening to it. I am sure that once you have heard it you will never forget two characteristics of the rocky and gaseous planets.
To easily distribute the song made a video presentation with the lyrics of the song. For the video I created the character of "Flaa", an extraterrestrial youngster (whom very likely you will find in the "Adventures of Carmina" series) and its parents. I used images of the planets of the Solar System taken and distributed by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL-Caltech).
I hope you will enjoy the video and the song. And if you like challenges I invite you to download the working sheets related to the video: "join the dots", "Solar System crossword" and "Color Jupiter".
2016 Calendar Top
For the "2016 Calendar" I grouped a collection of free-use pictures taken with spatial telescopes and managed by NASA and ESA. It is a beautiful letter size calendar ready to be printed at home. In the calendar contains images from stars, nebulae, galaxies and planets. You can download the calendar giving a click to the image above.