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I believe that science outreach is as important as science research. Therefore I have collaborated with INAOE's outreach department giving astronomy public talks, most of them to school groups. I was also given the opportunity to give the astronomy lectures at INAOE's "Science camp for teens" three years in a row.
I am now developing talks, crafts and astronomy lectures for all audiences, mainly children between K4 to Grade 8. If you would like me to give an astronomy talk or craft activity at your school or job (in Mexico) please send me an email to: .
Following is a list of some of the talks, hands on activities (workshops) and lectures I have developed.
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"The adventures of Carmina... Wonders in the Universe" is the first episode of the "Adventures of Carmina" series of talks about an 8 years old girl who likes to watch the night sky. In this talk Carmina discovers the comments, nebulae, the Solar System and the Milky Way. This talk is recommended for K4 and elementary school children. "The life of a Sun-like star" makes the analogy comparison between the evolutionary stages of Sun-like stars and human's lifetime. In this talk questions like What are stars and how are they formed? Why do stars matter? Do stars change in time? This talk is recommended for elementary school up to Grade 8.
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"Shapes and colors in the Universe" is a talk in which celestial objects are compared with fruits and animals. The children actively participate during the talk reinforcing their knowledge on colors, geometric shapes and size scales while learning new concepts like stars, star clusters and galaxies. This talk is designed for K4 children. "Celestial curiosities" gives a tour through the night sky, presenting astronomical objects, stimulating imagination and story telling. In presentation is talked about the highest mountain in the Solar System and stars who are sisters, we look for an animal in the Moon and watch the collision between two galaxies like the Milky way. This talk is designed thinking in an audience of different ages.
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"Color of the stars and day of the week" is an craft for K4 and children who are learning the days of the week. While doing this craft the kids will learn that the color of the stars depends on their surface temperature. Once the children had built the craft they will hang it on a wall and everyday will set the day of the week. "Black hole eat stars" is a craft for Grade 5 to Grade 8 children. While doing this craft children will learn about black holes, what are they and how it is believed they work. The bookmark will remind the kids the way in which black holes "eat" the material from a close body.
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"Light through a nebula" is a craft that can be done by K4 to Grade 8 kids. With this craft the children will learn about nebulae and will have fun while looking at and commenting about a collection of nebulae taken from space. For the activity the children will draw a nebula of their creation to create an ornament for the window. "Planets" is an activity that can be done by K4 to Grade 8 children. The kids will sing and dance the "Rocky planets" song while learning the properties of the planets in the Solar System. The craft to do is a 2 planets mobile in which a rocky and a gaseous planet are represented.
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"Introduction to Astronomy" is a crash-course designed to provide a brief although complete view of Astronomy. It is intended for young teens between Grade 9 and Grade 11, although adults are also encouraged to take it. The course is divided in 5 lectures: 1) light and telescopes, 2) stars, 3) Solar System, 4) Galaxies and 5) Cosmology. Each class has an approximate duration of 1 hour. This course was given as part of INAOE's "Science Camp for teens" in the years (2009-2011).